5 Reasons You NEED A Responsive Website

If you’re a small business owner, and you’ve invested in a new website in the last several years, you may be wondering if you need to focus on responsive web design for mobile devices when updating your website.

The answer is “Yes”! If you didn’t create a responsive design during the web development process, chances are that investing in a responsive website will pay off in a big way.

Mobile-friendly design for web development and custom application development is more important than ever in today’s business world.

From better search engine optimization (SEO), to an improved customer experience and better conversion rates, you can enjoy a long list of benefits when you choose to invest in a mobile-friendly, responsive website for your business.

Need more proof? Here are 5 reasons that you need to invest in a mobile-friendly website for your business – today!

1. Chances Are, Your Customers Won’t Be Connecting To Your Site From A Computer

According to Social Media Today, the majority of internet users are now using mobile devices, which account for 78% of all digital time spent online. In the future, this trend is expected to continue – due to the convenience and affordability of mobile devices, particularly in lower-income countries, and the continuing expansion and streamlining of mobile networks.

So, when creating a new WordPress website or another web development project, it could be argued that mobile support is almost more important than a good browsing experience from a laptop or desktop. You don’t have to choose, though. You can develop a website that looks excellent on screens of any size, whether they’re desktop computers or mobile devices.

2. Desktop Websites Are Nearly Unusable On Most Mobile Devices

A great user experience is critical to ensure that leads convert into customers by visiting their website. And if they’re on their phone – and presented with a tiny, desktop-optimized website, do you think they’ll have a great experience?

The answer is – quite obviously – “no”. Most desktop websites are pretty much unusable on mobile devices. The text is small, links and buttons are impossible to click, and users must zoom into each and every area manually when reading content.

If you don’t have a mobile website, chances are that you’re locking out over 50% of your user base, and they’ll simply visit another website that has mobile support, rather than wade through a terrible user experience. It’s just not worth the trouble.

3. Google Prioritizes Responsive Designs (Even Over Mobile Websites)

Websites with a “responsive” design tend to get better rankings from search engines like Google, particularly if they comply with Accelerated Mobile Processing (AMP) regulations for page loading time and responsiveness.

It has even been found that Google prioritizes mobile optimized design over websites that have both a desktop and mobile version, because they want mobile users to get the best user experience possible.

This means that, even if you already have mobile support, creating a responsive website could still be extremely beneficial for search engine optimization. While this boost is a small one, it can work with other best practices – such as supporting AMP – to boost your website in front of other, smaller competitors.

4. You Can Gain A Competitive Edge Among Small Businesses

If you’re the owner of a small-to-midsize business (SMB), focusing on responsive design could help you beat the competition. This is because very few smaller businesses have a mobile-friendly website, or use a responsive design.

In fact, over 25% of all small businesses don’t have a website at all. Of the small businesses which do have websites, only 56% have a responsive design that is mobile-friendly. That means if you invest in the right website, you may be able to outcompete other businesses in your market segment, and become an industry leader in your area!

Responsive design will only become more important in the future. According to Statista, more than half of all eCommerce sales will be made from mobile devices by 2021 – so having a great, responsive mobile WordPress website may help you make more sales, and convert more customers.

5. Responsive Designs Are Easier To Manage

If you already have a separate mobile website, and you’re wondering if responsive design is really worth it, the answer is “yes!” Why?

Because responsive designs are much easier to manage from a website architecture perspective. Unlike mobile and desktop websites – which often use duplicate content – a responsive website uses an all-in-one design.

This means that you don’t have to alter the layout of things like text, videos, and pictures based on the device used by your visitor, and you don’t have to update both mobile and desktop websites, which saves you quite a bit of time and effort.

This also means it’s easier to run SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns and buy PPC ads, as you only have to worry about linking to a single website, rather than creating both mobile and desktop ads.

Finally, responsive design is prioritized by companies like Google in SEO rankings. This means you’ll benefit from higher SEO results – as well as a better customer experience!

Invest In Your Website – And Become More Competitive In Your Industry

No matter what industry you’re in – whether it’s retail, the service industry, eCommerce, food service, or even manufacturing – a mobile-friendly, responsive website is a major key for your success.

So don’t let a non-mobile optimized website harm your SEO rankings or ability to convert customers. Invest in your website, and invest in your company – and you’re sure to get fantastic results. If you’re interested in talking with a web development company that can help bring your site up to speed, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!

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