6 Reasons to Choose Custom WordPress Development Over Premium Themes

As with most things, web design on WordPress can be boiled down to an eternal question: price vs. quality. As you develop an effective online presence for your business using WordPress, you have the choice to either go with a low-cost option that can be stood up quickly or a higher-priced custom option designed and built specifically for your business.

Why would you go with a completely custom job if you could just buy a premium theme and perhaps add some customizations for less than $1,000? It’s a natural question to ask, and deserves further consideration.

On a limited budget, sometimes your only real option is to go with a premium theme. If possible, though, you should seriously consider the benefits of custom WordPress development and how it may actually be a better, more sustainable solution for your business. When partnered with the right agency, it is usually an investment that ends up paying for itself in the long run through more leads, sales, or other metrics that improve your bottom line. Here are 6 reasons you should at least consider investing in a custom designed & built site with a WordPress development agency partner.

1) Solution is Developed Specifically For Your Business Needs

Above all, a custom WordPress website allows you to start from scratch. That means making sure every bit of it is designed for your specific needs. As you might imagine, different types of companies require very different types of websites. With a custom design, you can rest assured that the site is crafted with your business needs in mind.

A custom site also helps you stand out from your competition. It’s too easy to choose a theme, only to find that a close competitor has close to the same theme. Suddenly, your audience will find little to no separation between both of your brands. For a custom alternative, you start with a competitive analysis and build a website designed to fit not just your audience, but also your competitive environment.

The vast majority of business owners agree: your website is a core piece of your competitive advantage. An online presence designed to match your business goals can help it grow and maximize effectiveness over time.

2) Built for Optimal Speed & Performance

A premium theme may look great, but that doesn’t mean its code functions as well as it looks. If you’re not careful, you can end up with a theme that has convoluted code or tons of features you don’t need which can slow down your load times or even compromise the reliability of your site. Considering that 47 percent of your audience expects your website to load in 2 seconds or less, that convolution can quickly add up to reduced revenues.

Rather than simply adding or modifying codes for an existing template, a development partner can start from scratch and only include the functionality truly needed to deliver the optimal experience for your users. The end result tends to be a leaner, more reliable website.

3) Built to be Secure

Nobody can guarantee their code is immune to security breaches, but when you have a high quality development partner you can rest much easier knowing that your site or project is being built with security in mind. If a premium theme ends up having a security vulnerability your site is left vulnerable until the developer pushes out an update.

On the other hand, a custom WordPress development agency help can mitigate that problem. Simply put, your website needs to be secure from the moment you build it. And while it’s impossible to guarantee your site will never be compromised, custom development with a reliable partner makes it much more possible.

4) Scale Your Website With Your Business

Even with all of the above in mind, you might be able to find a pre-existing theme that fits your current business needs and has a track record of high performance and security. But what happens if your company grows? What if your value proposition changes or product lines expand? Too often, businesses focus on website options that work now, without considering what the future looks like.

Sometimes it makes more sense to have online presence that can scale with you. And, generally speaking, that’s made more possible with a custom-designed website. You can ensure the site is built with the future in mind, adding to it only as necessary to expand your reach and continue reaching your audience.

5) Build Long-Term ROI

Speaking of the long-term: when it comes to your website, you have to consider more than just short-term expenses. At its best, your online presence is not a cost, but an investment. The more you put in, the more you eventually get out of it.

Your customers aren’t just buying your products; they’re buying your company and its brand. That brand, of course, is best represented by your website, which is at the heart of your online presence. The better your website, and the more memorable it makes your brand, the more eventual return you will get on your investment.

The same is also true in the opposite way. A premium template may be cheap at first. But if it compromises your data, it could cost your company quite a lot. While the price of custom development might be higher, its long-term return makes that investment well worth the cost.

6) Work With a Reliable Partner

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of working with a reliable partner when it comes to your design & development needs. With a premium theme, you’re likely on your own. Even customization to fit your company’s needs can mean working with a freelancer who might not be able to help you well in the future.

On the other hand, a true WordPress development agency will result in a long-term relationship. Now, you can rely on the help of professionals not just to build the initial website, but also to make future updates, scale the site, and fix any issues. In short, you get the chance to work with a reliable partner who will be a resource and aide for years to come.

Yes, custom development costs more to start off. But over time, it is well worth the investment. Thanks to the above 6 benefits, you end up with a website better suited for your business needs, growth, and health.

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